TrueCaller : A to Z Information

Hi, I'm Usman! and today I'm about to share the complete information of TrueCaller. First of all, let's know what is truecaller? TrueCaller is the world's best Caller ID and Spam Blocking App. It is available for both Android and iOS. TrueCaller is a Swedish company founded in 2009 by Nami Zarringhalam and Alan Mamedi. Basically, this app was created to help themselves who was calling them. Now its features are extended. due to overpopulation and cheap internet data, many companies have targeted India to extend their market. There are a lot of rumors spreaded by people that Truecaller is not safe. we can't say that this allegation is totally false because the Algorithm of Truecaller is as it. I'll talk about it's algorithm further. 

The Truth About TrueCaller

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I used truecaller in 2015 for the first time and was not aware about it. i heard the same thing that truecaller sells our data. I was sure it that this is true and still i was using this because it helps a lot to find the name of truecaller. If anybody is calling you with an unknown number, you can get to know his name and some more details. 

There is some confusion between people that "is truecaller a spy app?" my answer is 'No'. But you can use this to spy on your friends. I'll tell you about it today. In India milliatry don't use this app. 

Till Now Truecaller app has identified spam and blocked around 10 billion calls. It has 200 Million active users around the world and 195 million of this 200 million people are Indian. 😅 . It has 3 offices in India Located in Bengluru, Mumbai and Gurgaon.

Its official app is available on Google Play Store And Apple App Store. Some Programmers have debugged it and have added some more features, and these apps are called MOD apk. MOD apks are not available on play store, to download MOD apk you have to visit apk site that provides mod apk of almost every app. from my point of view, using MOD apk is not safe as it's reprogrammed by 3rd parties. Truecaller has its gold membership program, if you're using its official app you need to pay money, but using MOD apk you can use all its gold membership features. If you are not afraid of your privacy then go for it (MOD apk). search on Google 'Truecaller Mod apk', you'll find a lot of websites available on internet who provides these mod apk. 

How does TrueCaller work?

When someone installs truecaller app or truecaller apk in his phone, and register with his mobile number, Truecaller asks a permission to acces contact. if user give this access trucaller app, trucaller upload all your contact list to its own server. if you have saved a contact number 983***3787 on the name of 'Jacky', trucaller saves it as "Jacky : 983***3787". And when this jacky will call any unknown truecaller user, Jacky Caller Id will be printed on truecaller user's screen. 

Or, when somebody register on this app with his phone number and name, trucaller saves it on its server. let's assume, you have registered as "Harry" name and "98**239829" phone number then this information will be uploaded to its server. and if you call any unknown trucaller user, he will get to know who is calling him. 

This is the mechanism of truecaller.  Now let's talk about spying feature.

Call Tracking Feature Of TrueCaller

This is an awesome feature of truecaller. if somebody has installed truecaller on his phone, you can spy his phone a little bit.
Search the number you want to spy in truecaller search bar. you can get some of his details on the screen. You can know that someone's phone is silent are on calling and many more. 

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