How To Setup Bigrock Domain With Blogger 2021

Setup Custom Bigrock Domain With Blogger

Hello guys, welcome to Today I'm gonna tell you how to setup bigrock custom domain with blogger, so stay tune till the end. 

How to setup bigrock custom domain with blogger

Bigrock is a Domain and Internet Hosting Provider company. It provides domain at a cheap price, i purchased a domain from it and going to Setup it with my Blogspot Blog. 

I hope you know 'what is domain', So let's start.

How to Setup Bigrock Domain With Blogger? 

First of all Login to your Bigrock control panel and click on the domain name that you want to setup.

Scroll down to find 'DNS Management'. Click on 'Manage DNS'.
Manage dns

Now Click on 'Add a record' under 'A record' tab. 

A record

Now Leave the Host Name Blank and enter in Destination IPv4 Address and click on Add Record.

Now add the below 3 records of Destination IPv4 Address by following the Step 3 procedure. 

After adding all 4 A record you A Record will look like this (below screenshot). 

Now, it's time to verify your domain authentication. For this you have to login Your Blogger Dashboard and Go to Setting.
Scroll Down to find 'Custom Domain', click on it and enter your domain name with www and save it (see below screenshot). 

After clicking on save you will see an error and you'll find two CNAME. you beed to add this CNAME in Bigrock. 

Now go to Bigrock (where you leaved step 4), and click on CNAME record tab and click on Add record.

Add first CNAME record, write www in Hostname field. And in value field and click on 'Add record' button. 

Now you have to add second CNAME record provided by blogger (find it in Step 5).
Click on Add record again following Step 6. Copy 2nd code from blogger and enter it in Hostname field and copy another code and paste it in Value Field, and click on Add Record. 

After Adding Your CNAME record will look like this. 

Now go back to blogger and save you domain. If it shows error again then wait for 5 minute and save it again. After setting uo you domain don't forget to turn on HTTPS in blogger setting below custom domain.